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Over the years climate change and global warming have been recognized as one of the main threats facing humanity. Proven contributors to global warming are the emissions of greenhouse gases, one of them being carbon dioxide, CO2. At the Kyoto Summit in 1997 industrialized countries pledged to reduce the production of greenhouse gases by a minimum of 5% by 2012, compared to a 1990 baseline

This Conference will introduce the new concept of being "CO2-neutral" to the UAE, by leading with good example

It is possible to convert the carbon dioxide footprint, which we are all leaving on a daily basis to a 'green footprint' Compensate your carbon footprint and join our initiative to invest into CO2 reducing or offsetting environmentally friendly projects

How do we cause CO2 emission?

In our everyday life it is unavoidable to cause CO2 emission, to leave a so called CO2 footprint.

A roundtrip flight (economy) from London to Abu Dhabi, for example, will produce 2.45tonnes of CO2 emission. Traveling by car from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in a regular car produces 33kgCO2, and one year use of a fridge can cause a CO2 emission of around 100kg CO2/year.

The list is endless and it becomes clear that each and every one of us leaves a CO2 footprint. Also during the conference CO2 emissions created by estimated 250-300 participants of the event from travel arrangements via car and plane, energy consumption and water usage will leave a distinctive CO2 footprint.

What does “CO2-neutral”mean and how can you make a difference?

It is possible to compensate unavoidable CO2 emissions by projects that lead to a direct greenhouse gas reduction and support climate protection. These so called “offset projects”, offered by our cooperation partner myclimate, have to fulfill strict regulations. The use of the Gold Standard, an independently managed label, developed under the control of the WWF, intends to distinguish high quality. Next to reducing greenhouse gases offset projects also have to make a demonstrably positive contribution to sustainable development and have to be both ecologically as well as socially compatible. For examples please take a look at: www.myclimate_projects

It is guaranteed by the organizers to offset the full amount of CO2 emission of the conference, making the conference the first CO2-neutral conference in Dubai.See myclimate Certificate Using professional methods by myclimate the compensation costs to offset the CO2 emission of the conference are calculated to be AED 25 per participant. Thereby each participant can help to compensate the footprint she/he leaves during the conference by supporting our initiative with a contribution.

Following the conference, Sesam Business Consultancy will launch an online portal offering support and contacts for UAE companies to go CO2-neutral as a company and/or private individuals.

Neutralize your carbon dioxide footprint with your ‘green footprint’