Architecture & Daylight is the third module in this year’s “Green Building” conference and workshop series. The event comprises conference, training workshop, open debate and project tours over two days. Full catering through out both days and certification of attendance by the Canadian University of Dubai are inclusive.

This event sets the focus on daylight architecture, energy efficient lighting and design technologies. The Conference and workshop will present strategies demonstrating significant energy saving and health increasing potentials. As all previous conferences, "Architecture & Daylight" will be made CO2-neutral by investments into carbon offsetting projects. We leave a green Footprint!

Day 1 - Conference Program 29.09.2009

: Conference Centre, Dubai Knowledge Village
 8:00 am: Registration and Welcome Coffee

Morning Session
9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Chairman: Dr. Dieter Fuchs
Ali bin Towaih:
Welcome Note
Mario Seneviratne: (Green Technologies) Daylight – A Mandatory Requirement of Green Buildings
Florian Techel:
(Canadian University of Dubai)
How ‘intelligent’ are current buildings?
Sougata Nandi:
(TECOM Investments)
TECOM Investments LEED platinum offices

Coffee Break

Markus Stebich:
(Rode, Kellermann, Wawrowski)
Sustainable practical examples of daylight systems for architecture
Wim Sliepenbeek:
(ETAP Lighting)
Enhancing building performance and saving energy through intelligently designed lighting systems
Dr. Abdalla M.
Al Amiri

(Dubai Quality Group)
Energy saving - A Regional Perspective
Lunch Break
Afternoon Session
1:00 pm – 2:15 pm
Chairman: Tom Pearsall
Armen Vartanian:
Cutting carbon emissions in half with daylight and lighting concepts
Volker von Kardorff :
(sponsored by Philips)
Smart lighting concepts and LED technology and design
Ivar Krasinski:
(Burt Hill)
Case study of daylight architecture in the UAE
Vic Andrews:
(Ruud Lighting Arabia L.L.C.)
LED Lighting, a sustainable source & what to look for to ensure its sustainability

Coffee Break

2:45 pm – 4:30 pm
Chairman: Mario Seneviratne
Barry Hannaford:
(DPA Lighting Consultant)
Architecture influenced by daylight and artificial lighting, showing a case study
Robert Elliott:(sponsored by Siteco Lighting Systems) Promoting the use of daylight for building interiors while reducing direct sunlight – delivering the qualities of daylight to interiors while increasing energy efficiency

Green Lounge

Panel discussion moderated by Dr. Dieter Fuchs (Fraunhofer Institute) with
Ivar Krasinski, Mario Seneviratne, Wim Sliepenbeek, Markus Stebich, Frof. Dr. Florian Techel


Day 2 - Training Workshops - 30.09.2009

Location: Auditorium of the Canadian University of Dubai
 8:00 am: Registration and Welcome Coffee

Workshop 1
9:00 am – 11:00 am
Mario Seneviratne:
(Green Technologies)

Completing LEED NC V2009 Project Specific Design Templates – EAp2, EAc1, IEQc8.1 and IEQc8.2

Pioneers in the application of LEED in this region, will work with the Workshop participants to take them through a LEED Project from Concept to Completion, as pertaining to the Architecture, Daylight and energy saving topics of the LEED for New Construction & Major Renovations Version 2009. This will include;

  • Goal Setting
  • Applicable Technologies
  • Applicable Calculations
  • Completion of the LEED Templates for submission to the USGBC.

The completion of the workshop will provide the participants with the knowledge and confidence of addressing the credits related to architecture, daylight and energy saving potentials of the LEED NC Version 2009.




Workshop 3
12:45 pm – 1:15 pm
Prof. Dr. Michael Heuken:
(University of Aachen-RWTH)

Technology to produce Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
Introduction to deposition systems including:

  • Compound semiconductors: electronics, laser, LED, solar cells
  • Organic semiconductors: OLEDs and plastic electronics
  • Silicon semiconductors and silicon applications
  • Nanotechnolgy


Coffee Break
















Lunch Break


Workshop 2
11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Vic Andrews:
(RUUD Lighting Arabia LLC)

LED Lighting: is LED technology ready for lighting application in the Middle East region?

An examination of outdoor LED lighting application demonstrating the technology and the basis of an actual tunnel lighting project that will be installed in the U.A.E. before the end of 2009. This is the first LED tunnel lighting project to be undertaken in the Middle East region and shows substantial energy saving characteristics, lower installation and running costs, where there is little or NO maintenance compared to traditionally used tunnel lighting systems. Return on investment is also examined to demonstrate the attractive pay back involved. The system has a massive impact on the environment due to the nature of the energy saving involved and the elimination of re-lamping, negating the recently highlighted problems of the recycling of traditional lamps containing mercury and other heavy chemicals, addressing land fill pollution issues. Other applications, such as street and area lighting along with its use in conjunction with solar energy, will also be examined.

An overview of LED lighting technology and its application will be addressed, particularly for the Middle East region, and how to best create a total systems approach for LED lighting solutions.

The completion of the workshop will provide participants with the knowledge of characteristics and application of intelligent LED lighting solutions in extreme climates.


Project Tour
3:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Torsten Onasch
(Siteco Lighting Systems)

Project Tour to YAS Island Formula 1 Race Track and Interchange.

Visit of the Yas Island Formula 1 Race Track and interchange in Abu Dhabi with a presentation by Siteco Lighting Systems introducing state of the art LED power units for the illumination of this prestigeous location.



Proven contributors to global warming are the emissions of greenhouse gases, one of them being carbon dioxide, CO2. In our everyday life it is
unavoidable to cause CO2 emission, to emission and leave a so-called CO2 footprint.

It is possible to compensate unavoidable CO2 emissions by projects that lead to a direct greenhouse gas reduction, support climate protection and
sustainable development. These so called “offset projects”, offered by our cooperation partner myclimate, have to fulfill strict regulations. For
more information please visit

The organizer undertakes to offset the full amount of CO2 emission caused by the event of Water Days. It is our aim to lead with a good example and
to leave a green footprint.

Traveling by car from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in a regular car produces 33kg CO2.

A roundtrip flight (economy) from London to Abu Dhabi will produce 2.45tonnes of CO2 emission.

One year use of a fridge can cause a CO2 emission of around 100kg CO2/year.

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Day 1 (Conference) Location: Conference Centre, Dubai Knowledge Village
Day 2 (Workshop) Location: Auditorium of the Canadian University of Dubai

Architecture & Daylight Conference (29. September 2009) including Certificate of Attendance issued by the Canadian University of Dubai

  • Regular fee for Conference will be 110 USD (405 AED) per delegate

Architecture & Daylight Conference AND Workshop (29. & 30. September 2009) including Certificate of Attendance issued by the Canadian University of Dubai

  • Regular fee for Conference and Workshop will be 300 USD (1,100 AED) per delegate

Discount option for corporate registrations: Register two employees for the Workshop on Day 2 and receive a third seat for free. The registration for the Workshop on Day 2 entitles to the participation of the Conference on Day 1.

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Registration deadline:  Saturday 26. September 2009



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