Green Retrofit is the fourth module in this year’s “Green Building” conference and workshop series. The event comprises conference, training workshop, open debate and project tours over two days. Full catering through out both days and certification of attendance by the Canadian University of Dubai are inclusive.

Green Retrofitting refers to the addition of green technologies and applications to existing buildings in order to achieve efficient levels of energy and water consumption as well as healthy living and working. Oversupply in buildings will at some point lead to a “survival of the fittest”, being the buildings which impact our environment the least and offer the most economic maintenance and healthy environment.

This event sets the focus on strategies transforming existing buildings into efficient green buildings in shorter time frames and with less investment compared to demolishing and re-building.

As all previous conferences, "Green Retrofit" will be made CO2-neutral by investments into carbon offsetting projects. We leave a green Footprint!

Day 1 - Conference Program December 15, 2009

: Conference Centre, Dubai Knowledge Village
 8:00 am: Registration and Welcome Coffee

Morning Session
9:00 am – 12:30 pm
Chairman: Prof. Florian Techel
(Canadian University of Dubai)
Ali bin Towaih
Opening Words - Development of sustainable programs in Dubai
Sougata Nandi
(TECOM Investments)
Implementing Effective Energy Conservation Programmes and Case Studies
Mario Seneviratne (Green Technologies) Retrofitting – The Heart of LEED EBOM
Armen Vartanian
Offsetting carbon emissions

Coffee Break

Dr. Wassim Bahr
(The American University of Dubai)
Integration of shading devices and photovoltaic panels into existing building facades
Dr. Engin Bagda
(Dr. Robert-Murjahn-Institute)
The economical, social and technical aspects of coatings for facades and interior walls in sustainable buildings
Hans Altmann
(Techem Energy Services)
Reducing energy costs by consumption based billing
Bjorn Martensen
(Interior Automation L.L.C.)

No Wires. No Batteries. No Limits. Easy Retrofitting for Energy Efficiency

Lunch Break
Afternoon Session
1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Chairwoman: Dr. Linda Nubani (Mazari Consultants FZ LLC)
Michael Nuyttens
(ETAP Lighting)
Retrofitting emergency lights from fluorescent to high-tech LED
Dr. Ommid Saberi
(WSP Environment and Energy)
the relation between human comfort and green design
Paul Graham
(Arup Gulf Ltd)
Existing Buildings Survival Strategies
Holley Chant
(KEO International Consultants)
Improving IEQ Through Specifying  Healthy Interior Materials

Green Lounge

Open panel discussion with previous speakers involving the audience. Among the topics discussed will be:

  • Transforming Building Occupant Behavior
  • Monitoring and evaluating energy and water consumption
  • Can retrofitting affect change in the real estate market?


Day 2 - Workshops - December 16, 2009

Location: Conference Centre, Dubai Knowledge Village
 8:00 am: Registration and Welcome Coffee

Workshop 1
9:00 am – 11:00 am
Mario Seneviratne
(Green Technologies)

LEED for Existing Buildings – Retrofitting

  • Retrofitting vs New Construction
  • Retrofitting - An Integral Part of Greening an Existing Building
  • LEED EBOM - A Versatile Tool for Retrofitting


Coffee Break



Workshop 2
11:20 am – 1:00 pm
Dr. Helge Kramberger
(Dr. Robert-Murjahn-Institute)
Requirements of coatings with regard to sustainability, health, environment, quality and life cycle
  • Certification systems for sustainable buildings and their requirements regarding coatings
  • Contribution of coatings to the sustainability of buildings
  • Guidance for architects for the choice of coatings for sustainable builings
  • Sustainability criteria for coatings

Project Tour
2.30 pm - 3.30 pm
Mario Seneviratne
(Green Technologies)


Project Tour to the Hyatt Regency and Galleria Dubai – Central Cooling Plant 

The project tour allows a visit to one of the oldest Central Chilled Water Plants in the region which was retrofitted after 23 years of initial operations, to incorporate the latest in Centrifugal Chiller technologies.  The retrofit of this 5000 Ton cooling plant entailed the removal of over 45 tons of metal and retrofitting with new equipment, without a total shut down of the chilled water system.

The visit will be conducted by Engineers and Project Managers of Green Technologies, assisted by Senior Hotel Engineering Staff.


Proven contributors to global warming are the emissions of greenhouse gases, one of them being carbon dioxide, CO2. In our everyday life it is unavoidable to cause CO2 emission and to leave a so-called CO2 footprint.

It is possible to compensate unavoidable CO2 emissions by projects that lead to a direct greenhouse gas reduction, support climate protection and sustainable development. These so called “offset projects”, offered through our cooperation partner Ecoventures, have to fulfill strict regulations. For
more information please visit

The organizer undertakes to offset the full amount of CO2 emission caused by the event. It is our aim to lead with a good example and to leave a green footprint.

Traveling by car from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in a regular car produces 33kg CO2.

A roundtrip flight (economy) from London to Abu Dhabi will produce 2.45tonnes of CO2 emission.

One year use of a fridge can cause a CO2 emission of around 100kg CO2/year.

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Event Location: Conference Centre, Dubai Knowledge Village

Green Retrofit Conference (December 15, 2009) including Certificate of Attendance issued by the Canadian University of Dubai

  • Regular fee for the conference will be 110 USD (400 AED) per delegate from December 7, 2009

Green Retrofit Conference AND Workshop (December 15/16, 2009) including Certificate of Attendance issued by the Canadian University of Dubai

  • Regular fee for the conference AND workshop will be 300 USD (1,100 AED) per delegate from December 7, 2009

Discount option for corporate registrations: Register three employees and pay only for two. This option applies only for registrations for both days of Green Retrofit, conference AND workshop. Early bird discount is applicable.

To register please click here.

Registration deadline:  Sunday, December 13, 2009



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