Florian Techel (Chair of Architecture and Interior Design)



Canadian University of Dubai

P. O. Box 117781,
Canadian University of Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tel.: +971 (4) 709 62 31



Short Profile of the Person:
Florian Techel, Chair of Architecture and Interior Design, has been teaching Architecture and Interior Design for over 17 years in Germany and the UAE.

His interests are in sustainability and energy efficient building design, as well as, advancing the field of Building Information Modeling, the successor to CAD in the building industry. He holds a Master of Architecture from Ball State University in Indiana.

Short Profile of the Company:
The School of Architecture +Interior Design opened its doors in Fall 2008, one year after the founding of the Canadian University of Dubai. Both have enjoyed substantial growth and the school is already operating at its limits. Both are located in downtown Dubai on 308th Road right behind the Shangri-La hotel.

Modeled after Canadian Schools of Architecture and Interior Design, S-A+ID offers four year Bachelor of Science Degrees in either discipline. After completing these degrees students may decide to work in practice, or continue in a Master program either at CUD, in Europe or Canada.