Dr. Helge Kramberger



Dr. Robert-Murjahn-Institut GmbH

Research Institute for Coating Materials, Facade Systems and Healthy Living
Industriestraße 12
64372 Ober-Ramstadt

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Short Profile of the Person:
Dr. Helge Kramberger is head of the department Product Safety, Environmental Protection and Healthy Living at Dr. Robert-Murjahn-Institute (RMI) in Ober-Ramstadt (Germany). The RMI is part of Deutsche Amphibolin-Werke (DAW), one of Europe’s largest producers of decorative paints, varnishes, construction coatings and thermal insulation systems. One of the RMI’s core competences is emission testing with the focus on specific demands arising from sample preparation, testing and evaluation of liquid samples like paints and varnishes.

Dr. Kramberger was born in 1969 in Salzburg (Austria), received his PhD at the University of Darmstadt with a dissertation about Analytics and Atmospheric Chemistry and is member of DAW since 2004. He is chairman of the Indoor Air Groups of the German Association of Construction Chemicals Producers and the German Association of Paint Manufacturers. He is also engaged in European standardization e.g. as member of CEN/TC 351 WG2 “Emissions into indoor air”, Chairman of CEN/TC 139/WG11 “Emission testing of construction coatings” and is an active member of the corresponding committees of the European Association of Paint Producers CEPE.

Short Profile of the Company:

Objective of the Dr. Robert-Murjahn-Institute
The Dr. Robert-Murjahn-Institute (RMI) performs scientific studies in the fields of coating materials, facade systems, thermal insulation and building protection and investigates aspects of health and the environment. The objective of the RMI is to scientifically solve topical problems in its working field for the benefit of its clients. Furthermore, the RMI will support overarching interests in the industrial sector through public relations and cooperation with public bodies.

The RMI was founded in 2005. Originating from the Deutsche Amphibolin-Werke, the experience at the RMI is fostered by direct contact with development and production units as well as with applicators and consumers.

It was named in honour to Dr. Robert Murjahn. He was a chemist wholeheartedly and has produced many pioneering innovations. These include the emulsion paint technology, which he developed in 1936 and which is today state of the art throughout the world. We feel committed to his pioneering spirit.