"Light & Design Days"

Conference – Workshop – Project Tours
June 16/17, 2010
at The Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi

Sesam and its partners invite you to attend the “Light & Design Days” conference, the second annual conference in the UAE setting the stage for the leading industry players in lighting and design. The event is a two-day conference comprising training workshops, open debates and project tour. The conference focuses on current lighting & design concepts facilitating sustainability through integrative approaches.

Light & Design Days deliberately takes place at The Yas Hotel, the world’s largest LED project showcasing modern state of the art design and technology. Local and international experts will present insights into their work and point out trends and best practices influencing the lighting and design industries.

Conference Delegates interested in staying as The Yas Hotel overnight can avail a corporate rate. For details please click here.

Certificates of Attendance for conference delegates are issued by the New York Institute of Technology. As all previous conferences, "Light & Design Days" will be made CO2-neutral by investments into carbon offsetting projects. We leave a green Footprint!


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Day 1 - Conference Program June 16, 2010

Location: Ballroom, The Yas Hotel
8:00 am: Registration and Welcome Coffee

Morning Session
9:00 am – 12:30 pm
Chairman: Dr. Dieter Fuchs, Fraunhofer ME
Dr. Ashraf Faisal Hegazy
ALDAR Properties
The Art and Science of Daylighting
Firoz Badar
RDK International
The Yas Hotel Gridshell - an outdoor LED lighting reality
The banning of inefficient lighting equipment - Recent and upcoming changes in European and worldwide lighting legislations and their implications for the industry

Coffee Break

Agnes Koltay
Integrating external lighting into building facades
Greg Mueller
Ruud Lighting Inc.
The Future of Solid State Illumination
Biological effects of light on humans

Lunch Break

Afternoon Session
1:45 pm – 4:30 pm
Chairman: Dr. Ahmad Y. Okeil, Abu Dhabi University
Ivar Krasinski
Burt Hill
Introduction to photometric analysis with related research in case studies
Barry Hannaford
DPA Lighting
Design approaches in the UAE

Mario Seneviratne
Green Technologies
Integrative Design, Energy, Daylight and Lighting

Coffee Break

Sustainability analysis of lighting solutions
Bjorn Martenson
Interior Automation
Can light bulbs send SMS?

Day 2 - Workshop Program June 17,2010

Location: Ballroom, The Yas Hotel
11:00 am: Registration

Workshop 1

9:00 am – 11: pm

Mario Seneviratne, Green Technologies
"Energy Modeling Support Integrative Design"

The workshop will be an extension to the previous day's presentation on Integrative Design, Energy, Daylight and Lighting, quantifying the effects of daylighting, lighting and HVAC systems on the overall demand and energy consumption of a building. Engineers and Architects will enjoy this two hour workshop presenting the methodology for making informed decisions.

Coffee Break

11:15 pm – 12:30 pm

Vic Andrews, Managing Director, Ruud Lighting Arabia
"Introducing Solid State Lighting to the UAE” Case study of the Under Deck Solid State Roadway Lighting – Al Sowwah Island – Abu Dhabi"

The course is designed to showcase the first project of its type in the Middle East utilizing Solid State Lighting technology. It will further elaborate on the technology’s saving and ROI potentials as well as its environmental performance in comparison to traditional road lighting

Lunch Break

Workshop 2

1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Iain Macrae, Head of Global Lighting Application Management, Thorn
“Developing sustainable lighting solutions by balancing performance, efficiency and comfort requirements”

The training course will elaborate on strategies and tools achieving:

  • Optimal visual effectiveness for variable lighting requirements
  • Minimal energy consumption, waste and environmental impact
  • Stimulating and healthy atmospheres
  • Forecast of the effect of lighting solutions and cost transparency

Coffee Break

3:15 pm – 4:30 pm

Firoz Badar, RDK International
"Potential of intelligent LED technology on Outdoor Façade – Case study of grid shell lighting at The Yas Hotel"

The workshop will give insights into how the Architect’s and Lighting Consultant’s concept was turned into a real working solution in the outdoor temperatures and dusty environment of the UAE. It will elaborate on the following stages:

  • Development of the luminaire and associated gear.
  • Testing of the gridshell luminaires and gears.
  • RDM intelligent control systems, development and implementation.
  • Installation of the Gridshell lighting and controls.
  • Achieving a sustainable working solution of the gridshell lighting and controls system.

Registration options:

Light & Design Days Conference (June 16, 2010) including Certificate of Attendance issued by the NYIT

  • Regular fee (after June 3, 2010) for the Conference will be 110 USD (405 AED) per delegate

Light & Design Days Conference AND Workshop (June 16 & 17, 2010) including Certificate of Attendance issued by the NYIT

  • Regular fee (after June 3, 2010) for Conference and Workshop will be 300 USD (1,105 AED) per delegate

Discount option for corporate registrations: Register two employees for the Workshop on Day 2 and receive a third seat for free. The registration for the Workshop on Day 2 entitles to the participation of the Conference on Day 1.

To register please click here.

Registration deadline:  Sunday June 13, 2010


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CO2- neutral conference in cooperation with Ecoventures

Proven contributors to global warming are the emissions of greenhouse gases, one of them being carbon dioxide, CO2. In our everyday life it is unavoidable to cause CO2 emission and to leave a so called CO2 footprint. E.g. Traveling by car from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in a regular car produces 33kg CO2. A roundtrip flight (economy) from London to Abu Dhabi will produce 2.45t of CO2 emission. One year use of a fridge can cause a CO2 emission of around 100kg CO2/year.

It is possible to compensate unavoidable CO2 emissions by investing into and thus supporting projects that lead to a direct greenhouse gas reduction, support climate protection and sustainable development. The organizer undertakes to offset the calculated amount of CO2 emission caused by the event in cooperation with our partner Ecoventures. Offset projects have to fulfill strict regulations. For more information please visit www.Ecoventures.ae

It is our aim to lead with a good example and to leave a green footprint.