Ivar Krasinski (Design Director & Principal)

  Burt, Hill

Level 2, block 3
The Green Community - phase 1
P O Box 52764
Dubai, UAE

Tel.: +971 4 810 5773

Fax: +971 4 810 5800


Short Profile of the Person:
Ivar is an architect by training, but is engaged in many areas of study ranging from science and technology, through business and finance to the fine arts. Previously an Associate principal at HOK, he has a long range of experience working in the urban context and the conceptual underpinnings of various planning strategies. After his tenure at HOK, he moved to the UAE, eventually joining the firm of Burt Hill where he is a Principal and Design Director. He works in both epic and intimate building scale and  has been responsible for pushing the boundaries of design in many projects. He is the leader of  several design technology initiatives the main focus of which has been the balance of Financial, Sociohistorical and Environmental sustainability. He is an advocate of Efficiency and Design. The latest of his programs, the WLS, is an international network of practitioners focusing on the application of tools in a conscious way with the goal of continually questioning the design process with an eye towards evolving culture.

Short Profile of the Company:Burt Hill is an international design firm with a focus on sustainable design and technology integration. We provide award-winning innovation and exceptional service across a broad range of markets. Burt Hill was established in 1936 and is now among the world's largest design companies with 13 offices and over 1000 employees worldwide, with 580 based in Dubai, UAE.

In addition to traditional A/E design services, Burt Hill offers vision master planning, creative services, urban, infrastructure, transportation planning, interior design, landscape architecture and applied research in order to provide fully integrated solutions. Our clients benefit from the expertise and shared knowledge of our professionals. Though our professionals have expertise in diverse areas, they share a common goal: designing facilities that will meet our clients' needs and contribute to their success. As a result, Burt Hill designs are attractive as well as effective and appropriate.