Dr. Arch. Ashraf Faisal Hegazy (Chairman of ALDAR Sustainability Committee)

  ALDAR Properties PJSC

PO Box 51133
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Mob.: +971 50 6142710



Short Profile of the Person:
Ashraf Faisal Hegazy is a Certified International Design & Art Consultant , he holds a Master Degree in Architecture and Doctorate in Engineering Projects management Illinois/USA, with over 20 years experience in UAE and Gulf Region , where he has involved extensively in numerous projects of varied nature including those with Civic, Institutional, Commercial, Leisure and Hospitality and educational scope. He has worked with Abu Dhabi Public Works Dept, Corporate and private clients in North Africa and Asia.

Currently Ashraf is the chairman of the sustainability Committee of ALDAR properties since 2005 whereas he is  adopting and promoting for the Biomimicry architecture as a new discipline that studies nature’s best ideas, and then imitates these designs and processes to solve human problems alongside the Game plan of bringing Nanotechnology  from input to implementation to the Sustainable developments, believing in the Vision of the  futurama  of Sky Farming as a  Self Sustaining Skyscrapers in the Gulf Region.

Ashraf is a distinguished lecturer in sustainability and Green Architecture’s conferences, currently he is the Vice President of ASHRAE Falcon chapter of UAE , additionally He has been Involved for establishing the Emirates Green Building Council – Abu Dhabi Technical Committee 2007-2009, Ashraf was a Judging Member for the Gulf States Building Award 2008,and GAIA Award for the Big 5 Show 2008 & 2009 , additionally he is a  visiting lecturer and contributes in the Ecological Awareness Campaign in Egypt  .

"Environmental irresponsibility leads to social inequality, which leads to financial instability,"

Short Profile of the Company:
Aldar Properties PJSC is undertaking multi-billion Dirham civic projects to help develop Abu Dhabi, the capital emirate of the United Arab Emirates, into an international business magnet and tourist destination. As the Emirate’s premier real estate development, management and investment company, Aldar’s vision is to establish Abu Dhabi as the UAE’s most dynamic forward-thinking real estate market by creating unique and prestigious developments that can be used as a benchmark of quality, whilst adhering to the cultural and natural heritage of the city.

Since launching in 2005, the company has announced assignments worth more than $75 billion USD, in a property development portfolio diverse in scope and style, attracting considerable worldwide interest and inward investment. The development company is owned by leading Abu Dhabi institutions, shareholders and investors, providing them with a sound long-term portfolio.

Aldar Properties has a key competitive advantage due to its sound financial backing, large resources, the high level of management expertise and the Government’s support in undertaking large-scale, market-driven projects which add value to the Emirate’s booming property industry.

Aldar’s financial credibility has been recognized by world renowned credit rating institutions. In 2008, Aldar was assigned a high rating of A3 by Moody’s Investors Service and a solid A- by Standard & Poor’s (S&P). More recently, Morgan Stanley Research Europe cited Aldar as the leading developer in Abu Dhabi’s real estate sector.