Barry Hannaford, IALD (Director)

  dpa lighting consultants fz llc

Design House,  Block B 103 / 104
Dubai Media City

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tel.: +971 (4) 369 4030

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Short Profile of the Person:
Barry has been an independent lighting design consultant for over 24 years.  Previously he was a Director of Lighting Design Partnership, joining dpa lighting consultants in 1996 and moved to Dubai in 2004. As well as many projects in the UK, Barry has worked in over 25 other countries. He is a IALD Professional Member, I.Eng, ACIBSE, MSLL.
Publications include:
1988 - Co-author Lighting Design, an introductory guide for professionals for the Design Council
1986 – present,  various articles in architectural and trade publications
1994 -CIBSE LG8 Lighting for Museums and Art Galleries

Short Profile of the Company:
The profession of independent lighting design and the benefits that well designed lighting can bring are widely recognised. This is due in no small measure to the work of architect Derek Phillips, who established dpa lighting consultants in 1958. Since then the Practice has produced architectural and environmental lighting solutions for over 5,000 projects in 60 countries; an achievement which has been rewarded with many National, European and International awards.

dpa are independent lighting consultants. Our income is derived purely from fee-based work. We work entirely for the benefit of our clients, offering totally impartial advice, we do not supply lighting equipment and have no commercial allegiances

dpa has four offices in total located in Dubai, Japan, London and Oxfordshire. The team of nearly forty creative and experienced designers from disciplines as diverse as architecture, theatrical lighting, interior design, urban design, product design and various engineering disciplines provides the Practice with a unique resource, enabling dpa to produce the very best solutions possible.  

The principals of the practice, Barry Hannaford, Nick Hoggett and Gary Campbell are at the forefront of promoting excellence in lighting design, writing for a range of professional journals and publications as well as making lecture and seminar appearances.

dpa have a proven track record of producing the very best lighting solutions for each and every project we are commissioned to undertake. There is a need to balance practicalities such as maintainability, capital cost and physical restrictions with the visual appearance of the lighting equipment and creativity which we pride ourselves in achieving.