Vic Andrews (Managing Director)

  Ruud Lighting

PO Box 74616
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tel.: +971 4 398 0997

Fax: +971 4 398 2644


Short Profile of the Person:
V. P Andrews was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia and is a graduate of electrical engineering and holder of post graduate lighting certificate from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. He has 35 years experience in the lighting industry in various positions in Australia, the U.S.A., Great Britain and in the Middle East, latterly having been based in the Dubai, United Arab Emirates since 1991. Currently he is the managing director of Ruud Lighting Arabia (LLC) which was incorporated in Dubai in 2004.

Short Profile of the
Ruud Lighting Arabia (LLC) is an affiliate of Ruud Lighting Inc, based in Racine, Wisconsin, USA and is one of the largest private lighting companies in the industry. It was founded in October 1982 by Mr Alan Ruud and has continued to flourish since inception, currently having a turnover of over 100 million dollars and employing in excess of 1000 people internationally. The company manufactures products for the commercial, industrial, exterior, landscape, roadway and sports lighting sectors of the lighting market and has a philosophy of providing good quality, high value for money product.

In 2005 the company committed to the research, development and application of LED’s to the lighting industry and launched its first LED product range in May 2007. In December 2008 the company dropped all development of all tradtional lighting source fixtures to concentrate solely on LED luminaires. The company has been at the forefront exterior and roadway LED luminaire evolution in the last 2 years and currently has over 3000 installations both within the USA and internationally. This experience is proving invaluable in the task of engineering, producing, marketing and selling a revolutionary sustainable long life, low energy, low heat and recyclable light source products against those using traditional light sources. 

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