"Speaker’s Presentations"

Day 1 - Conference Program June 16, 2010

Morning Session

Afternoon Session

Ashraf Hegazy, ALDAR Properties
The Art and Science of Daylighting

Ivar Krasinski, Burt Hill
Introduction to photometric analysis with related research in case studies

Firoz Badar, RDK International
The Yas Hotel Gridshell - an outdoor LED lighting reality

Barry Hannaford, DPA Lighting
Design approaches in the UAE

Gareth Jackson, Osram
The banning of inefficient lighting equipment - Recent and upcoming changes in European and worldwide lighting legislations and their implications for the industry

Mario Seneviratne, Green Technologies
Integrative Design, Energy, Daylight and Lighting

Agnes Koltay, Ramboll
Integrating external lighting into building facades

Ian Macrae, Thorn
Sustainability analysis of lighting solutions

Greg Mueller, Ruud Lighting Inc.
The Future of Solid State Illumination

Bjorn Martenson, Interior Automation
Can light bulbs send SMS?

Nagendra N, Philips
Biological effects of light on humans

Day 2 - Workshop Program June 17,2010

Workshop 1

Workshop 2

Mario Seneviratne, Green Technologies
Energy Modeling Support Integrative Design

Ian Macrae, Thorn
Developing sustainable lighting solutions by balancing performance, efficiency and comfort requirements

Vic Andrews, Ruud Lighting Arabia
"Introducing Solid State Lighting to the UAE" Case study of the Under Deck Solid State Roadway Lighting – Al Sowwah Island – Abu Dhabi

Firoz Badar, RDK International
Potential of intelligent LED technology on Outdoor Façade – Case study of grid shell lighting at The Yas Hotel