Toufic Halabi (Project Channel Manager for Oman, Pakistan and Iran)


Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Moosa Tower 2, Floor 7
Dubai, UAE

Tel.: +971 4 3318070

Fax: +971 4 3321906



Short Profile of the Person:
Pre-Medical Degree, Northeastern University, Boston MA, USA

7 Years with GlaxoSmithKline, Middle East promoting healthcare and raising awareness for diabetes, cancer & HIV

Now raising awareness for sustainability and the importance of becoming a GREEN MIDDLE EAST with GROHE Middle East

Short Profile of the Company:
GROHE – Leader in the Sanitary Fittings Industry

There are few industries in the world where companies stand out for their unchallenged market leadership. There are fewer companies that can speak of such status within countries, let alone entire geographical regions. GROHE, however, is one such company. In the sanitary fittings sector, it is unmatched in terms of its presence in the area as well as its brand image and reputation for quality.
Today, GROHE is the world’s largest single-brand manufacturer in the sanitary fittings industry. In Europe GROHE is the market leader for sanitary fittings in Germany, France, the Benelux and Austria, as well as in Russia and many Middle Eastern countries. In the USA and Japan, GROHE holds leading positions for its European-style sanitary fittings.

GROHE offers a unique range of sanitary products and systems providing attractive solutions for handling water at all delivery points, whether at residential properties, commercial facilities, public utilities or in the hospitality industry. A multinational giant, GROHE is regarded with respect within the industry in Germany and overseas for its achievements in the sanitary fittings sector.