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AiA Riyadh
  Profile of Dr. Mervat El-Shafie

Dr. Mervat El-Shafie
Assistant Professor of Architecture and Chair of the Architecture Department, College of Engineering at Effat University

"Upgrading of Jeddah’s unplanned districts Bani Malek and Al Boghdadiyah Open and Public Areas" [Presentation]

  Profile of Dr. Ziad Aazam

Dr. Ziad Aazam
Founder Jeddah’s Heart and Associate Principal, AECOM Arabia Ltd.

"Reviving Jeddah's Heart: Towards a Socio-Spatial Network Restoration" [Presentation]

  Profile of John C. Boehm Jr.

John C. Boehm Jr.
Partner, Fulbright & Jaworski

"Teaming Agreements – From Bid to Final Payout" [Presentation]

  Profile of Michael Hughes

Michael Hughes
Head of the Department of Architecture, American University of Sharjah

"Re-Constructing Curriculum: Hands-on, design-build pedagogy in Contemporary Architectural Education" [Presentation]

  Profile of Mario Seneviratne

Peter Trozze
Managing Director of Middle East Operations, Delta

"Involving Stakeholders in the Architectural Design and Construction Process" [Presentation]

  Profile of Mario Seneviratne

Dr. Amr Abdalla A. Attia
Senior Project Manager, Aecom

"Urban Regeneration in Virtual Worlds" [Presentation]


Aurel von Richthofen
Architect & Assistant Professor GUTech University Muscat

"Sustainable urban planning and civic participation - The Mutrah Master Planning and Redevelopment Project" [Presentation]


Sumaya Dabbagh
Founder, Dabbagh Architects

"A sense of place: Architecture and Identity" [Presentation]

  Profile of Hermito Fernandes

Hermito Fernandes
Architecture & Design Manager, Schott Middle East FZE

"Fire Safety in Buildings" [Presentation]

  Profile of Kamal Niazy

Kamal Niazy
EMEA Market Development Manager, DuPont Glass Laminating Solutions

"Designing with Laminated Glass" [Presentation]

  Profile of Mark Catchlove

Mark Catchlove
Director, Insight Group – EMEA, Herman Miller

"Creativity at Work" [Presentation]

  Profile of Murat Aydemir

Murat Aydemir
General Manager, Middle East & Africa, Viessmann Middle East FZE

"Sustainable hot water solutions through solar systems" [Presentation]

  Profile of Juliette van Putten

Juliette van Putten
Design Director, Studio Lite

"Cost effective use of Lighting Designers" [Presentation]

  Profile of Robert Ferry

Robert Ferry
Principal, Land Art Generator Initiative

"Al Balad Urban Design Competition – Art, Clean Energy & Heritage in Public Spaces" [Presentation]

  Profile of Zaki Mallasi

Dr. Zaki Mallasi
Assistant Professor / Building Information Modeling Consultant, Effat University

"Performance-Driven Façade Configuration: Parametric Thinking for Integrated Building Practice" [Presentation]

  Profile of Dr. Galal Abada

Dr. Galal Abada
Advisor, Madinah Development Authority “MDA” / Associate Professor, Ain Shams University, Cairo

"A New Life for Old Jeddah: Learning from Regional Experiences" [Presentation]


Dr. Mohamed Shokry
Assistant Professor, Effat University

"Urban Innovation Engines, challenges ahead for the Arabian architects" [Presentation]

  Profile of Mohammed H. Shukri

Mohammed H. Shukri
Director, MHS Architectural Office

"The rise and fall of the coral wall" [Presentation]

  Profile of Abbas

Abbas Kanisan
Trainer WACKER Academy

"Sustainable and Economic Construction Solutions for Interior & Exterior Applications" [Presentation]

  Profile of Anoop

Anoop D’Souza
Trainer WACKER Academy

"Sustainable and Economic Construction Solutions for Interior & Exterior Applications" [Presentation]

  Profile of Tareq

Tareq Awadallah
Trainer WACKER Academy

"Sustainable and Economic Construction Solutions for Interior & Exterior Applications" [Presentation]

  Profile of Sherif W Anis

Sherif W Anis
Regional Director at CBT Architects and Vice President at AIA Middle East

"Chapter Chairman "

  Profile of Nidhal Abdul

Nidhal Abdul-Rahman Taibah

“Chapter Chairman”

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