Green Event Calendar

Architectural Design Days Jeddah
Jeddah: October 10 & 11, 2013
Advanced Building Materials Middle East
Dubai: Feb. 6 & 7, 2013


1. Stipulations

1.1. It is a condition of doing business with us that the Customer agrees to these Terms & Conditions which form a legally binding contract, in order to become a Customer of Sesam Business Consultants. As Sesam Business Consultants are constantly evolving and introducing new products and services over time, these Terms & Conditions may be amended from time to time.

Sesam Business Consultants reserve the right to amend these Terms & Conditions at any time by posting the amended Terms & Conditions on this website. Amended Terms & Conditions shall become effective 30 days after they are posted on this website. Changes will be posted on the Terms & Conditions page on this website. Customers may review the current Terms & Conditions prior to initiating any transaction at any time by clicking on the Terms & Conditions section on this website. A revision will not affect any transaction that is outstanding as of the date of such revision.

1.2. The Parties to these Terms & Conditions and participants in each transaction are an individual person or legal entity (the 'Customer'), Sesam Business Consultants, a company registered in the UAE with registered offices in Dubai, P.O. Box 62118 and Abu Dhabi, P.O. Box 45360, United Arab Emirates which offer services in accordance with the applicable permission of the Authorities and Governments of Dubai & Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

1.3. Sesam Business Consultants and the Customer are the only parties who may rely on or enforce these Conditions and for this reason the Contract (Rights of Third Parties) is excluded.

 2. Description of Service

2.1. Sesam Business Consultants offer comprehensive services ranging from outsourcing (accounting and PRO) to business consulting and the organization of business events.

2.2. Sesam Business Consultants are regulated by the Authority of the United Arab Emirates and are subject to the applicable rules and regulations.

3. Events

3.1 Conditions for participation

a) Registration

Registrations need to be sent per letter, fax or email to:

Dubai Office:
Sesam Business Consultants
Head Office Dubai
Zomrorrodah Building, Entrance B
Office B 32
PO Box 62118
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.)
Fax: +971 4 335 0202


Abu Dhabi Office:
Sesam Business Consultants
Al Daheri Tower
Floor  06 Office A
Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
Fax: +971 2 62 77 003

A registration form can be found on our website.
The registration is regarded as accepted if we do not reject it within 14 days after the registration has been declared (registration date). Additionally we will send you a confirmation.

b) Fees and payment date

The event-fee is due within 14 days after the registration date. If a registration is declared short-dated, which means shorter than 14 days before the event starts, the fee is due on the registration date.

If the Customer wants to pay by credit card, he has to declare the number of the credit card and its good thru-date.
The fee can also be paid cash or check payable to Sesam Business Consultants.
Capacity in Participant’s seats is limited. Registrations will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis.
Payment of on-site registration must be made by cash or check payable to Sesam Business Consultants.
Customers will be able to select an early bird fee until the specified date in the invitation and as stated on the event’s website. If payment has not been received until the working day after the closing of early bird rates, registrants will be charged the late fee.  

c) Cancellation
aa) Deadline
Anytime, but at the latest 72 hours before the beginning of the event, the registration can be cancelled.

bb) Form
The cancellation of the registration has to be in written form. There can be no cancellation by telephone. Fax is adequate.

cc) Reduced duty of payment
For every cancellation an arrangement fee of AED 120, - has to be charged.
The Customer has also the opportunity for a rebooking to another event.  The rebooking has to take place 72 hours before the beginning of the booked event. The possibility of rebooking can only be accepted for one event.

In lieu thereof the Customer may appoint a substitute participant.
If you neither cancel the event on time nor appoint a paying substitute participant, nor take the opportunity to rebook the event, any payment .minus AED 120,- will not be refunded.

d) Change of program, cancellation/ withdrawal from contract by Sesam Business Consultants
Whilst the program is correct at the time of publishing, Sesam Business Consultants reserve the right to make changes to the program, location and/or speakers without prior notice.
Sesam Business Consultants may withdraw from contract, e.g. failing a minimum number of participants in an event (depending on the type of event) or if an event cannot be held due to the illness of the lecturer, for technical reasons or force majeure.
Prior to exercising its right to withdraw from contract, Sesam Business Consultants shall attempt to reschedule the event to another date and/or to re-allocate it to another venue, provided this is possible and the customer agrees to the change. Notification of any changes shall be issued immediately.

Where circumstances force cancellation of the event in its entirety, Sesam Business Consultants will make every effort to refund any payments made minus irrecoverable costs of production for which Sesam Business Consultants remain liable.

3.2. Exhibitions
a) Duration of exhibition
Details of exhibition hours are given in the organizer’s exhibition information pack. During these times stands must be manned by exhibitor’s staff. 

b) Stands
Stands shall be prepared and equipped during the dedicated preparation time advised by Sesam Business Consultants, prior to the event. Stands shall be dismantled during the dedicated dismantling time. No items or displays shall be removed from the exhibition during the exhibition’s duration.

All stand sizes and items / brochures displayed are subject to approval in advance by Sesam Business Consultants. 

3.3. Sponsors / Speakers
Views expressed by speakers are their own. Sesam Business Consultants disclaim any liability for advice given, or views expressed, by any speaker at the event or in any documentation provided to delegates. 

3.4. Participation on events
Attendees of Sesam Business Consultants’ events are expected to behave professionally. Excessive use of obscene language, abusive behavior, or threatening behavior directed to any other event attendee is not conducive to a learning environment.

4. Copyright

Sesam Business Consultants reserve all rights, including the right of translation, of reprinting or reproduction of the documentation distributed to participants.
In the absence of prior written consent by Sesam Business Consultants, no part of the documentation distributed to participants may in any form be reproduced (most notably, reproduction using electronic systems), processed, copied, disseminated or utilized for public exposure. This prohibition applies likewise to any intent to use such materials for instructional/classroom purposes.

5. Data Protection

In the absence of written consent by the contract partner, Sesam Business Consultants may not pass on to third parties or use for itself any business relevant facts or facts relating to an assignment, of which facts it gains knowledge in connection with contract performance.

Sesam Business Consultants shall have authority to process or to have third parties process data relating to natural persons, with which data have been entrusted and which uses for the purposes of the contract e.g. credit card payment.

6. Liability

6.1 In cases of minor negligence, liability for damage to property and other damages shall be limited to such damages which are assumed to be typical for such terms & conditions and foreseeable. This also applies to loss of profit and loss of savings. Liability for any remote consequential damages shall be excluded.

6.2 The liability for damage to property and other damages shall be limited to 10 % of the event-fee per damage event.

6.3 Sesam Business Consultants’ liability for all damages arising from this contractual relation shall be limited to a maximum sum of AED 50.000,-.

6.4 In as far as liability is excluded or limited under these terms & conditions, this exclusion or limitation shall also apply to any personal liability of the employees, associates, other members of staff, representatives and subcontractors of Sesam Business Consultants.

6.5 All contractual claims for damages shall be subject to a limitation period of one year from the commencement of the statutory limitation period.

7. Other

7.1. All website designs, text and graphics and their layout and arrangement and all intellectual property rights therein are the property of Sesam Business Consultants. Any use of web site materials, their reproduction, modification, distribution or republication without express prior written consent is strictly prohibited.
7.2. Sesam Business Consultants are not responsible for the content of any external websites that links are provided to from this website.

7.3 Sesam Business Consultants cannot be responsible for your spam filters blocking our confirmation email. Please be sure your spam filters will allow mail from

8. Governing Law and Legal Disputes

8.1. For disputes, claims or to report account discrepancies, Customer shall contact Sesam Business Consultants’ customer service department.

8.2. These terms & conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of United Arab Emirates. Any claim arising out of or relating to these terms & conditions or the provision of the Services offered by Sesam Business Consultants that cannot be resolved by contacting the customer service department shall be settled through Arbitration Procedures or the courts of the UAE.

8.3. The Customer and Sesam Business Consultants shall keep confidential and not use for any collateral or ulterior purpose the subject matter of any arbitration and all information, documents and materials produced for, or arising in relation to, any arbitration including any award arising out of it except in so far as is necessary to implement and enforce any award or otherwise as required by law

9. Invalid provisions, loophole in these terms & conditions

If any clause of these terms & conditions becomes invalid or if a loophole in these terms & conditions becomes evident, the validity of the remaining clauses shall not be affected. Such invalid clause shall be substituted, and a loophole be filled, by a valid clause, which comes closest to what the parties may have intended according to the spirit and purpose of these terms & conditions had they been aware of such invalidity or loophole.