Green Event Calendar

Architectural Design Days Jeddah
Jeddah: October 10 & 11, 2013
Advanced Building Materials Middle East
Dubai: Feb. 6 & 7, 2013

Speakers Presentation for Architecture & Daylight:

Ali bin Towaih, Enpark
Welcome Note

Mario Seneviratne, Green Technologies
Daylight – A Mandatory Requirement of Green Buildings

Florian Techel, CUD
How ‘intelligent’ are current buildings?

Sougata Nand, Tecom
TECOM Investments LEED platinum offices

Markus Stebich, RKW
Sustainable practical examples of daylight systems for architecture

Wim Sliepenbeek, ETAP
Enhancing building performance and saving energy through intelligently designed lighting systems

Dr. Abdalla Al Amiri, DQG
Energy saving - A Regional Perspective

Armen Vartanian, Ecoventures
Cutting carbon emissions in half with daylight and lighting concepts

Volker von Kardoff, Philips
Smart lighting concepts and LED technology and design

Ivar Krasinski, Burt Hill
Case study of daylight architecture in the UAE

Vic Andrews, Ruud Lighting
LED Lighting, a sustainable source & what to look for to ensure its sustainability

Barry Hannaford, DPA Lighting
Architecture influenced by daylight and artificial lighting, showing a case study

Greg Scott, Siteco
Daylight Systems

Prof. Dr. Michael Heuken
Nanotechnology to produce Light
Emitting Diodes (LED) and Solar